What is Cloud?

In fact, cloud technology which is much more in your life than you think, makes you uneasy when you are told as cloud technology. If you use internet e-mail, internet banking or social media, the cloud is already in your life. Many familiar platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Whatsapp, Adobe, Googledrive, Dropbox, Internet branches of banks are actually cloud based.

Before cloud technology, you could work on a server that is owned by your company and computers running on this server. However, with the introduction of cloud technology, no need to install a server or programs on your computer anymore. This also eliminates costs and loads such as server maintenance, database backup, IT team, update, training etc.

Thanks to the cloud, all you need is a device with access to the Internet. Desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones allow you to access your data in the cloud at any time and from any device.

Why Cloud?

The cloud offers a lot of space to pay as you use it, rather than getting your own hardware, and is much less cost-effective.

Cloud systems are constantly being developed and renewed. That's why you don't have to install and update new versions like troubles. As soon as you reach the platform, you're starting to use renewed version.

Security enhancements of cloud systems also occur without interruption.

You can access your data in the cloud at any time from the device you want. The computer where a program is installed does not necessarily have to be on your side. In short, when you're out of the office, all your data is on your side.

If you are using a cloud, your data will not be lost if your computer is corrupted or stolen. You can immediately access your data from another device.

If you have a lot of data files installed, if you are working with a program that requires installation, your computer becomes very slow and you need much larger memory. When you use a cloud, the cost of data space is much lower.

So how secure is Cloud?

Let's say that; The cloud is not less secure than your own server. Even security updates and improvements are constantly being made. However, you cannot make these updates and improvements on your own server so fast.

The technology used is always the latest technology because it is constantly developed.

There is no loss of data because it is taken as a backup at regular intervals.

You cannot guarantee that every program installed on your computer will be secure or you cannot guarantee that every cloud platform you use is absolutely secure. So be sure to use software that is absolutely reliable and will not leave any doubt on you.

Also make sure you are using the most current versions of your computer and browser. Download security updates now.

Do not click on links from untrusted links and do not sign in to devices from which you cannot guarantee their security. Change your password at regular intervals and always define a different password. You should remember that the most important point of information security is users.

Make sure that you always enter the url of Planports in the address bar of your browser.

So how safe are Planports?

Planports works with Turkey's largest and most reliable virtual server provider. In the same way, configuration and security measures are provided by these expert companies. Since the operating systems and the security software they update are updated regularly, they are automatically developing themselves against new threats. Our servers are backed up on a regular basis, and these backups are protected based on customer privacy and the security of personal data.

Planports is designed using the most up-to-date software development technology in the world. It is regularly tested against any external attacks. Our team has high-level expertise and academic experience in the Asp.NET MVC design pattern.

For the security of our users, we use up-to-date SSL certificate and pfSense firewall.

How secure is my data in Planports?

The data you save on Planports is only for you. So we are not in any way to see your data. Only your company employees can see your data. No one with Planports username and password can access the data you have entered, including Planports employees. So the most important security step here is that you create a reliable and unpredictable password and don't share it with anyone.

Your password must be unique to Planports, do not use the password you use for your other accounts for your Planports account.

Your data on our servers is backed up daily and stored for 3 days.

You can also see our approach to data privacy in our user agreement.


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