You can do your own job tracking, you can work on the same task with your teammates, if you are an administrator you can assign and follow the task of people working for you. You can create projects, add project-related tasks after selecting the project team. Thus, you are grouping tasks.

You can also add files and notes to all tasks. Thus, you can benefit from the tasks module as a collaboration platform.

Business tracking management enables all staff to plan their work and consequently work more efficiently. Strengthens coordination and information flow within the company.

Below are the headers of the Job Tracking module. Click on the "Go to Education" link at the bottom of the topic you want to learn, details and short instructions.


You can learn from this tutorial how to add new tasks, start and complete tasks, assign tasks to other people and follow up. Go To Education  


Find out how the projects are created, what works and how the project members are added.

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