For more profitable and more stable growth, it is important that sales management determine the right strategies. Planports offers you everything you need to see if your sales are planned in line with these strategies.

Sales opportunities, proposals and activites will help you to plan your sales management. First of all, you should add your leads (potential customers) as people and save all important information about them..

You should then add the phone calls or face-to-face meetings you have made with your potential customer as a meeting. If you receive any information that may result in sales, you must create a Sales Opportunity. Then you must add all the steps that you will do until the last stage in order to convert this opportunity into sales. Find out what you can add to the sales opportunity.

At the end of the process, you can view every step of the Sales Opportunity, analyze your reasons for winning or lose opportunities, and make better plans to meet your future sales goals.

You can also create a common method for all your sales work.

Below are the training headings of the sales management module. Click on the "Go to Education" link at the bottom of the topic you want to learn, details and short instructions.


You can learn more about what the sales opportunity means, how you can benefit from it, how to create a new sales opportunity, and other details about the opportunities. Go To Education  


Learn how to add new contacts, save your customers or suppliers as a contact, and other important details from this tutorial. Go To Education  


You can learn about adding new activites, types of activites, sending invitations to participants, adding notes, files and tasks to the activity.

Go To Education  


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