Proposal Management Software

With Planports, you can easily create and manage all your sales proposals.

Planports helps you create professional proposals. You can fill in fields such as top, front cover, references, back cover to give your proposals a more professional look. Professional looking offers are extremely important to leave a good impression in your client's eyes.

You can prepare, revise and send your proposals to the customer in your own format.

You can click here to learn how to define the Customer (Person, Organization).

Click here to learn how to define a Product or Service.

Click on the "Proposals" link in the menu to access the proposal page.

When your page is first opened, your existing bids are listed.

To search within the listed proposals; Press the Search button in the upper right corner. You can easily search within proposals using the search boxes that appear.

Press the "New" button at the top right of the screen to create a new proposal.

- Customer:One of the customers created in the system is selected.

- Customer Authorized Person You can specify the person to contact about the proposal.

- Proposal NumberA number for the proposal must be entered, and then you can use the proposal number template to generate an automatic proposal number.

- Reference NumberA reference or revision number for the proposal must be entered. You can use this field to find the most current proposal every time you make a change in the proposal. If you increase the revision number for each change, the proposal with the highest number means the most current proposal. You can use the proposal number template to generate an automatic reference number.

- Teklif şablonunun nasıl kullanıldığını buraya tıklayarak öğrenebilirsiniz.

- Proposal Date:Specifies the date of receipt of the proposal or receipt from the supplier.

- Valid Until:You can use this field to indicate to your customer the time that the proposal is valid.

- Template Name: Proposal templates are used so that you can quickly prepare proposals in a format specific to your company. With these templates, you can add your company's logo, cover, title, sub-title, header, sub-information, you can define once, you can get quick proposals by calling the same template for each of your proposal.

- Conversion Currency:Expresses the currency to be converted. This makes it possible to save a proposal in a foreign currency and convert it into an invoice in a different currency. Effective sales exchange information is issued after the conversion currency is selected in the proposals.

- Tags:You can use tags to group or categorize your proposals. For example, you may be offering 15 different services. In this case, you can write consultancy to the label and allocate the consultancy proposals from the services you sell, and you can reach the consultancy proposals faster than the search screens.

The following settings are used to customize the bid output.

- Hide Page Header on First Page: Hides the header information used in the proposal.

- Show Page Numbers: The prepared bid contains more than one page and the number shows the page numbers.

- Show Quantity: Shows the amount of product in the proposal text.

- Show Unit Price Shows the unit price of the product in the proposal text.

- Show Line Total: Shows the sum of a row of the proposal lines.

- Show Grand Total: Shows the overall sum of the prepared proposal.

- Show Product Descriptions: Specifies the descriptive explanations about the product in the line. (Feature, technical information etc.)

- Show Product Images: It is included in the image of the product. Thus, the information to be transferred to the other side becomes more clear.

- Page Header: You can add text or a picture that you want to appear at the top of the page when making a proposal output. Usually the company logo is used in this field.

- Page Footer: You can add text or a picture that you want to appear at the bottom of the page. In this area, company logo and company contact information are generally preferred.

- Front Cover: Used to create a custom cover page separated. In general, it is preferred to include your customer's logo, company name and proposal number. If this field is filled, a new page is created independent of the other information when printing.

- Opening Text: The quotation text, which starts with "Dear ...", should be written in this field..

- Proposal Lines:The products or services to which you want to transmit price information to your customer are added to this field, quantity and unit prices are written. You must have at least one product or service defined before you can add records here. If you haven't added any product / service record yet, the system will automatically add this information to your. Click here to learn how to define and manage products or services.

If you wish, you can apply discounts on the proposal lines. This way, you tell your customers how much discount you've applied when submitting the printout.Click here for more detailed information about discounts.

- Closing Text: It is used to write down the information you want to convey to your customer at the bottom of the offer form. Usually written information such as term duration, delivery terms.

- References: You can add your to this field to your customer. If the reference field is filled, a new page is created independent of the other information.

- Back Cover: You can use this field to design a back cover for your proposal. If this field is filled, a new page is created independent of the other information when printing.

Complete the new proposal creation process by clicking the Create button.

You can also easily track the status of your proposal. To do this, simply go to the detail of the proposal and update the status from the top right corner.

You can also share your proposal or transfer it to pdf by clicking on the Share button in the top right corner after you have created your proposal./p>

With the help of the same menu, you can send your proposals to your customers by email.

To link your proposal to the deal, click on the 'Link to Opportunity' button;

You will find the 'Opportunity Description' section. Once you've selected your opportunity description here, the proposal will now be linked to a Sales Opportunity.

You can find out the other modules and functions by clicking on the "Go to Training" link on the Features page.

To test how it works, please write your e-mail address in the box below and click the Try It Free button.